Hampton Roads Young Professionals Learn How to Optimize their Financial Futures

February 15, 2020
Sarah Hill
Hampton Roads Young Professionals Learn How to Optimize their Financial Futures

Over 30 millennials gathered to take charge! Of their financial future, that is. tHRive held its first Impact Talk of 2020 on Thursday, February 6 at Gather in Norfolk. It was hosted by Heiner Kessler of ABNB Federal Credit Union. Kessler is an Investment Advisor who is well versed in all aspects of financial planning including initiating IRAs, establishing term insurance, income planning in retirement, and more. The topic of Kessler’s speech was, “Take Charge of Your Financial Future.”

For many young professionals, financial decisions are overwhelming. But they are also critical. During his talk, Heiner Kessler provided a wealth of information on how to invest wisely. Topics included taking control of your money, becoming a more knowledgeable investor, advocating for yourself in the workplace, and planning for retirement.

Heiner Kessler from ABNB advises young professionals from the 757 about finances.

One of Kessler’s key pieces of advice to young professionals: you cannot be risk-averse. There are smart risks, or investments, you can make to increase your overall wealth. According to Kessler, “If you’re not willing to lose money in bad times, you won’t make money in good times.” When you make a mistake, learn from it and move forward. tHRive members who had questions asked them freely, making the event both educational and interactive. tHRive is proud to make learning resources available for young professionals in the 757 community. A huge thank you to tHRive Diamond Sponsor, ABNB Federal Credit Union.

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