Message from the 2021 tHRive Chair

January 26, 2021
Tom Marsden
Message from the 2021 tHRive Chair

Dear tHRive Membership,

Welcome to 2021…we’re excited to see you soon!

2020 was far from the year that we all had planned, this includes the goals of tHRive. Most of our plans switched to handling the COVID-19, and due to the nature of our in person events, a lot of our plans had to adjust. During these times many of us had to put our work and family effort to the forefront, which created a difficult scenario for tHRive to execute many 2020 goals. The board and our committees have started planning for a renewed 2021 and are very excited to getting back and delivering on tHRive’s core principles of professional development, creating strong relationships, and community engagement.

tHRive did have some successes in 2020 and started out strong with a great financial event hosted by our Diamond Partner, ABNB Federal Credit Union. We also continued our regular table for tens and even hosted a few virtual events. We hope we can get back to some of those events tHRive has been known for, but in the meantime we plan to get a bit creative with our programming. Our fundraising and volunteering efforts still continued throughout the pandemic, and we ended up raising almost $2,600 for our organization of the year, and contributed 20 hours of volunteer hours. We thank all of our members that have assisted in those efforts. Due to the interrupted efforts of 2020, we have decided to continue to support Samaritan House as our organization of the year for 2021!

One of our first acts in 2021 is to reach out to you, our members, to make sure our plans aligns with our members’ goals. Please let us know what we am do well and what we could do better. If you have any ideas on things tHRive could do, please do not hesitate to reach out to, and please take time to complete the brief survey below that will help us develop programming for this year.

On top of all the excitement for what 2021 will bring, I am very excited to take on the position of the chairman of the board of tHRive. I thank our previous chair Daniel Sileo for all his efforts for tHRive. I take on this responsibility knowing that I have a strong and energized board around me to recalibrate tHRive for the business environment of 2021 and beyond. We hope to continue to grow on what tHRive has done well and use tHRive as a conduit to make an impact on issues that are important to The 757 young professional community. Thank you all for continuing to support tHRive, making it one of the premier young professional organizations around!

At your service,

Tom Marsden
tHRive Chair