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tHRive membership is free to young professionals ages 21-39. Joining is as simple as filling out the form to the right to join our mailing list. After that it's up to you to make the most of tHRive membership by coming out to any number of events and connecting with young professionals and business leaders throughout the region.

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    tHRive exists for young professionals and is run by volunteers like you. The work is divided up into four committees. If you are interested in getting involved please read about each committee below and and let us know where you are interested in helping out.
    The Events committee is responsible for planning, scheduling, and hosting all of tHRive’s fantastic events.
    The Membership committee is responsible for engaging businesses, higher education, and other organizations throughout the region to share the benefits of tHRive and growing our membership.
    Regional Engagement
    The Regional Engagement committee is responsible for engaging with Hampton Roads organizations and individuals, including volunteerism efforts, civic engagement, and polling the opinions of our members.
    Fill out the short form below and a team member will contact you about joining their committee.